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Application Documents

Application Documents
No. Document Note
1 Application Form Refer to Attachment.
2 Personal Statement Refer to Attachment.
3 Study Plan Refer to Attachment.
4 Secondary/Higher Education Diploma Graduate School applicants need to submit University diploma. (Both original and copy)
5 Secondary Education Transcript Must mention contact and Officer in charge.
6 Transcript from Higher Educational institution Must mention contact and Officer in charge. (Only students enrolled in a higher institution should submit. If transfering from a Korean institution, submit Language School transcript, table of attendance, and completion certificate.)
7 Original Copy of Certificate of Enrollment Only for students currently enrolled in another institution. Must mention contact and officer of the institution.
8 Original Copy of Bank Statement ※Langauge Student:Over 3,000 USD/ 30,000 RMB for 6 consecutive months. (Must mention contact and officer at the bank.) ※Undergraduate and Graduate course: Over 10,000 USD / 70,000 RMB for 6 consecutive months.(Must mention contact and officer at the bank.) ※Transfer students from Korean universities can forego this document, but will need over 3,000,000 KRW in their bank accounts when applying for visa extension.
9 Original Copy of Proof of Employment - Must mention contact and officer of firm.
10 Original Copy of Income Statement - Must mention contact and officer of issuing institution.
11 Copy of all family members' identification - Copies of both sides of the identification document.
12 Original copy and copy of family register - Usually applies for Chinese students. Please refer to the Chinese page at:
13 Copy of passport Students registered in Korea should submit a copy of alien registration card.
14 Letter of Recommendation - Name and contact of recommender - Need a personal reference if applying individually.
15 Colored photograph 2 copies (4㎝×5㎝) and one jpg file to
16 TOPIK certificate TOPIK Level 3 at the lowest when applying for Undergraduate course.

Everything should be in A4 size