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Message from the President

The Most Prestigious Universityin the Central Region of Korea!

We would like to talk about the bright
future vision with our students
A Cutting-edge Campus Nestled
in Nature with an Academic
Tradition of Practical Learning!

Cheongju University PresidentJeong Seong-bong

History means the creation of new values.The history of Cheongju University, the oldest university in the Southern Hangang River region, has been a journey of discovering new meaning in the nation and regional society, as well as one of creating new values.

The university was founded based on a love for the people and the educational philosophy of saving the country through education. Our alumni, who are our pride and joy, are active all over the world, dedicating themselves to the development of the global community. Also, our university is in the midland region making it close to Seoul, and the campus itself is in the heart of Cheongju, and harmonizes well with the natural scenery of the guardian mountain of Cheongju, Uamsan Mountain, and forms a beautiful true forest.

Our academic traditions of building bridges of cooperation with distinguished universities from around the world, and holding tradition and culture dear, will be even more valuable for students living in the 21st century, the era of informatization. I believe that a society of loving care develops a university, and that by offering passionate and sincere education, the university can further develop the society.

All members of Cheonju University will do their best to enable young students to create a future for themselves here at our Uam Campus, a harmony of green forest and advanced science, and tradition and global culture.